(Step-by-Step Guide) How To Transfer Domain From Hostinger To Namecheap

Are you also in the same situation that I was in for some time?

Do you also want to change your Domain registrar?

Because you are fed up with increasing the pricing of your domain renewal.


No Worries!

I was also in the same situation because my current domain registrar Hostinger increased my domain renewal price.

And when I checked it on The Namecheap then the price was very less.

And who doesn’t want to save a couple of bucks?

Everyone wants it! Right?

So, I made up my mind to transfer my domain from Hostinger to Namecheap to save my money.

But Why Namecheap?

Namecheap is the world’s leading Domain registrar and Hosting company. Which registers more than 10 million domains now from its incorporation.

Many people like you and me are looking for the best domain name transfer company to save their money, and have landed on the Namecheap website.

Benefits Of Transferring Domain Name From Hostinger To Namecheap

Namecheap is the best and cheapest domain name registrar company in the world.

There are a couple of reasons to transfer your domain to Namecheap

  • You can ask anything on their 24*7 Chat Support.
  • Free Lifetime Privacy Protection.
  • Your current domain time will be carried forward.
  • No downtime while transferring.
  • You can transfer multiple domains same time.

How Much You Can Save On Namecheap From Hostinger

As You see in the Image

The Pricing of the domain on Hostinger was 872rs

But In the Namecheap it was 627rs

I saved 247 rs. On a single domain when I transfer my domain from Hostinger to Namecheap. And That’s on the single Domain. Look how much you can save if you have more than that.

How To Transfer Domain From Hostinger To Namecheap

Before starting to transfer the domain you need to check if your Domain is Eligible for transfer or not.

How to Check Eligibility of Domain for Transfer 

  • For this, you need to go to Namecheap.com
  • Then Visit the transfer Domain Page
  • Then enter your Domain name in the search bar
  • It will show you whether your domain is eligible to transfer or not
  • If it’s eligible then you will see a message.
  • Congratulations your domain is eligible. Which I have shown in the previous image.

After checking eligibility we’ll go to the next step. In this step, you need to unlock your domain from Hostinger and Get your Authorization Code.

Because without unlocking your domain and Authorization Code you can’t transfer your domain.

How to Unlock Your Domain On Hostinger

  • Login into your Hostinger account
  • Go to the Domains Page
  • Click on your domain
  • Then click on the Transfer Lock Option to Unlock your domain
  • Now your Domain is unlocked

How to Get an Authorization Code On Hostinger

  • Go to the Domains Page
  • Click on your domain
  • Click on the EYE of the Secret Key
  • Now copy this Secret Key

After both of these steps, you need to get back to your Namecheap Account

And Click on Refresh, Your Registrar Lock Status of the domain will be unlocked

I Removed My Code Because Of the Privacy

And on the same page, you need to enter your secret key in the Authorization Code area.

Now you need to Signup or log in to Namecheap.

Then click on the Add To Cart Button.

Your domain and amount will be shown in the cart.

I have added some more domains that’s why my amount is this

Then click on Confirm order.

Enter your credit card details

Then Billing address.

And pay the amount.

How Long Does Domain Transfer Take

Namecheap or any domain registrar will take up to 6 days to transfer your domain name.

You don’t need to worry about it after this process. And if it takes longer then you can chat with the Namecheap support team.

Final Words

Namecheap is one of the best companies if you want to purchase or renew your domains. Namecheap is cheap doesn’t mean it’s not good. Rather their service is better than other premium companies. Like 24*7 live support, Lifetime free WHOIS Guard.

Now transfer your domain names at a cheap price.

So, hope you got your answer on How To Transfer a Domain Name From Hostinger To Namecheap. If you still have any doubts then tell me in the comment box.

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Q: Why should I transfer my domain from Hostinger to Namecheap?

A: There could be various reasons for transferring your domain from Hostinger to Namecheap, such as better customer support, lower domain renewal fees, or better domain management tools.

Q: Can I transfer my domain immediately after purchasing it from Hostinger?

A: You cannot transfer a domain immediately after purchasing it. ICANN policy states that newly registered domains cannot be transferred within the first 60 days of registration.

Q: How do I transfer my domain from Hostinger to Namecheap?

A: To transfer your domain from Hostinger to Namecheap, you need to unlock your domain, obtain an authorization code, and initiate the transfer process on the Namecheap website. The detailed steps may vary based on your domain extension and the domain registrar.

Q: How long does it take to transfer a domain from Hostinger to Namecheap?

A: The domain transfer process typically takes 5 to 7 days to complete, depending on the domain extension and the responsiveness of the domain registrars involved.

Q: Will my website experience any downtime during the transfer process?

A: Your website may experience brief downtime during the domain transfer process, typically lasting a few minutes to a few hours. However, this can be minimized by choosing the right time to initiate the transfer and ensuring that your website is backed up before starting the process.

Q: What happens if my domain transfer fails?

A: If your domain transfer fails, your domain will remain with Hostinger, and you may need to initiate the transfer process again or contact customer support for further assistance.

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